• Café Zouk


ZOUK, happening for 17 years!

After 17 years you can no longer call a cafe hip. And that is indeed what we don’t want. Zouk is a concept that is more than today’s cafe, which is actually true and ‘legendary for Friday evening drinks’, which is also true. The moral of Zouk is to be there for everyone one without you becoming a number. You should feel at home at any time of the day, be able to work quietly, be able to have a relaxed lunch and dinner or be able to lounge around at the outdoor cafe. Cocktail hour will automatically follow! It starts around five and sometimes lasts until well in to the night…

Our kitchen focuses on high quality “comfort food”. The Zouk Burger has been the same for 17 years, because it is so good! We now offer variations to the burger, but this burger remains number 1! Pizza’s, great for sharing, homemade and wafer-thin. The rest of the rotating menu with Mediterranean accents shows that we really can cook.

Zouk is very suitable for parties, baby showers, family drinks and graduation parties. With your guests we will make it a night to remember!

We offer what few are able to offer: a private area within the cafe, no boring room but an area by the windows with its own entrance! And, even better, the bill is per consumption or the agreed price. We do NOT calculate anything extra for rent, personnel, cleaning, extended audio and video facilities etc. Fair deal!

Larger groups are also welcome. We offer special package deals for groups.


Zouk mainly serves Mediterranean food with fresh ingredients. We love to prepare honest dishes for you. Besides weekly changing specials and daily snacks, there is also delicious traditional food available that will make you happy.

The menu of ZOUK offers many dishes such as salads, pizzas, pastas and dishes from the grill. The classic ZOUK burger is, after all this years, still on the menu. With our special lunch offers (laptop lunch, classic ‘12-uurtje’) you can have lunch from 11 o’clock on in a peaceful, cozy atmosphere.


Zouk is ideal for parties, baby showers, family get-togethers and graduation parties. Together with the guests we will make it a memorable evening!

Larger groups are very welcome too. We can offer special group arrangements for them.

Group packages: for drinks and parties up to 150 people. We can reserve a special corner or table for you to enjoy your company.

Zouk is also very suitable for group dinners. For groups over ten people we have a standard special menu for both lunch and dinner. You can read more about that menu here. Of course menu changes are a possibility when discussed in advance.


At Zouk you can easily book through Iens. Your reservation will be confirmed immediately.

You can also book by telephone or send us an email. Feel free to contact us via info@cafezouk.nl or call 020-6891133.

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